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Old, Boring Pool? 5 Ways To Bring It Into The Modern Era

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Do you have a basic, "vanilla" pool in your backyard that doesn't quite seem to be the draw it once was? Why not update it and return some of the excitement of pool ownership to your life? Here are five ways to modernize your backyard pool without rebuilding it.

Automate It

Technology can take much of the work out of maintaining your pool, leaving you more time to simply enjoy it. Today's pool automation features the ability to monitor and perform such tasks as daily vacuum cleaning, adding chemicals, balancing pH, lighting use and filtration schedules. Systems can be connected to your phone or tablet and can also do things like turn on the spa and water features remotely to create a welcoming environment. 

Light It

Underwater lighting can be more than just functional. With the advent of LED pool lighting, you can have a beautiful, energy-efficient light source that requires less maintenance. Installing multicolored LED lights underwater create a colorful haven in which to swim. Above ground, one hot trend for lighting the pool area at night is fire - fire pits and tiki torches. The combination of fire and water makes a great environment for relaxing with friends. 

Make It Saltwater

In an age of rising costs and growing concern about the environment, more and more pool owners are changing to a saltwater pool system. Saltwater systems create natural chlorine from salt (ordinary table salt) that then disinfects the pool before being broken down naturally back into salt. A saltwater pool, therefore, does not need maintenance with harsh and expensive chemicals. Easier to maintain and better for the environment, saltwater systems are a quick makeover that you can feel good about. 

Make a Resort

Want your pool to be even more of a getaway? Give it a resort-style face lift. New features can include things like these:

  • swim-up bar area
  • water slide set in rock
  • connecting hot tub
  • waterfalls
  • rain wall or water sheet
  • beach (walk-in) entrances
  • tanning ledges

Surround It

If adding features to the pool isn't quite what you're looking for, try adding new features around it instead. How about an outdoor kitchen with grill, pizza oven, prep area and appliances? Or create a custom lounging area with a fireplace and comfortable indoor furniture covered by a solid protective roofing - a perfect bridge between indoor entertainment and outdoor enjoyment. 

Whether you can afford to incorporate all or just one of these ideas, you can find new life for your old pool with some modern touches. For more information on options, visit Blue Haven KC.