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Three Tips To Help Make Your Custom Above Ground Pool Look Like An Inground Installation

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If you want to have a custom pool for your home, an inground pool may not always be the best solution. Due to space or grading elevations, an above ground pool can be a better solution for your home. Custom above ground pools can look just as great as any in-ground pool. There are even some things that can be done to make them look like an inground installation. Here are some tips to give your above ground pool more of a custom appearance:

1. Choosing The Type Of Pool Liner And Frame

There are many different types of above ground pools. These can be hard-sided pools that have metal exteriors, fiberglass pools and soft-sided pools with metal framing. If You are going to cover the exterior of your pool with walls and decking, the soft-sided pools can be a great option that is a little more affordable than fiberglass or hard-sided pools. If you are going to have exposed sides, one of the harder materials will be a better option because they will be less likely to get punctured.

2. Adding A Deck Around Your Pool With A Different Surface

You will probably want to have a pool deck built for your above ground pool. This is usually done with treated lumber materials, but there are alternatives. You can use an impermeable surface like vinyl to cover the deck and make it appear more like an inground pool. Lightweight concrete can also be used to give the appearance of stone by stamping stone patterns into the surface. To reduce slipping, you will want to use a material that has a textured surface rather than a smooth surface.

3. Retaining Walls And Structures To Hide Pool Frame

Retaining walls and other structures can also be good to give your pool more of an in-ground appearance. This can be done with things like timbers, or you can use concrete and stone to give your pool area more of a custom appearance. Stone can be a good option if you also want to add features like waterfalls for your pool area. These features can also be used to create an area to store pool equipment and chemicals out of the way.

If you are going to have an above ground pool installed for your home, contact a custom pool contractor (such as Contemporary Pools Inc) and talk with them about some of these ideas and custom above ground pools that are right for your home.