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3 Signs Your Swimming Pool Liner Needs To Be Replaced

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Your in-ground swimming pool provides lots of fun and entertainment for you and your family whenever the weather calls for a cool dip in the water. The pool liner is responsible for providing a smooth surface you can enjoy, while being decorative at the same time. When this liner needs to be replaced, you can run into all kinds of issues with your pool that can be costly if you don't pay attention to wear. Depending on the size and shape of your pool and even the thickness of your existing liner, costs for replacement can vary (starting around $3,000 for most pools). Here are 3 signs your swimming pool liner should be replaced.

Water loss

Sometimes you can't even see that your pool liner is failing to work properly, because cracks and minute tears can be hard to see underwater. You will notice that your water levels are dropping more rapidly than normal, however, which is a strong indicator that your pool liner is to blame. If your pool liner is over a decade old, it may be brittle simply due to age. Most pool liners last from 10 to 12 years, but some can last almost twice as long as that. Contact your pool contractor to see if your existing pool liner can be repaired or if it needs a full replacement.


If you have a pool as much for decoration as you do for entertainment, then you may be disappointed to see that it can actually fade or discolor over time. Discoloration typically occurs near the water line of your pool due to the sun bleaching the color. If you are dissatisfied with the changing hues, then you may want to consider having a new pool liner put in with a tile border along the water's edge to give it a modern appeal that also helps keep the sun from affecting the liner.


Most commonly seen in vinyl pool liners after installation, wrinkling is an annoying problem that can happen in any pool. If this is something you notice in yours, contact a pool contractor, like one from Pettis Pools & Patio, right away so they can re-measure your pool and have it re-lined with a tighter fit. Otherwise, you risk snagging your feet on the wrinkles or having them become brittle cracks in the future.

Your pool liner should last for many years with proper care. If you notice any issues with your pool liner, it's wise to have it inspected right away so you can have proper repair or replacement done.